Service partner for all aspects of sawing, sorting and inspecting

Wafer & Glasssubstrate Dicing GmbH & Co. KG specialises in services for the separation of sophisticated high-tech products. The customer base mainly includes the optical industry, the semiconductor and electronics industry as well as the automotive and aerospace industry. The core competences of WGDicing GmbH are the Sawing, the Die Sorting or pick & place as well as the Inspection and measuring of products.

Market leader in Germany

WGDicing GmbH was founded in Altenhasslau in 2003. The founder and owner of the company is Frank Schön, who has been involved in dicing, die sorting, inspecting and measuring since the early 90s. At the company's first location, about 40 kilometres from Frankfurt, several small expansions were carried out before the relocation to the new company building in the Birkenhain industrial park finally took place in August 2008. The new location, just a few kilometres away, offers the best conditions for carrying out the technologically demanding tasks in a highly efficient manner.

The development of the business occurred rapidly: Starting with one machine in the beginning, the machinery has grown to currently 3 die sorters as well as 4 fully automatic and 10 semi-automatic machines for wafer sawing. With this production capacity and the comprehensive know-how in a demanding special field, WGDicing GmbH is today one of the most efficient providers of dicing and die sorting in Germany.

The spectrum of processed materials covers various semiconductors such as silicon, germanium or silicon carbide, includes sapphire and electronic circuit boards and comprises glass types made of borosilicate, float and quartz glass as well as various technical ceramics such as Al2O3 and LTCC. All materials can be sawn, sorted and inspected in different dimensions and thicknesses.


How to reach us

Wafer & Glassubstrate Dicing GmbH & Co. KG

Gewerbepark Birkenhain 26
63589 Linsengericht, Germany

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WGDicing GmbH

We provide the sawing, sorting, inspecting and packaging according to customer specifications

As a medium-sized company, WGDicing GmbH is characterised by its strong customer orientation. When it comes to the sawing, sorting, inspecting and packaging of the demanding products, our customers' specifications come first. We cut to measure and on demand. We comply with specified process conditions or contribute our experience when making suggestions for improvement. We take into account specified tolerance limits when sawing and check products for quality and compliance with customer-specific specifications.